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Merrimac's Shakedown
(Ch Mistel's Texas Driller x Ch Merrimac's Doomsday Shake)
(11/87 - 12/99)

My companion, my friend, my protector. His 10 o'clock snack stomp was the funniest comic routine I ever saw.

Burp was not just an outstanding Doberman, he was truly an outstanding dog.

I miss his wonderful, nutty sense of humor and companionship.

The Reason

(03/90 - 5/20/02)

aka Yoda Girl, came into my life in January 2001, from an adoption agency dedicated to placing retired racing greyhounds. She was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and pancreatic insufficiency. This wrought quite a dilemma - no store bought treats! I couldn't give all the other dogs treats and not her.

So I started experimenting, and developed the recipe for Burpdog biscuits(patent pending). When birthdays started rolling around, another dilemma - cakes. Back to developing, and the Burpdog cake was created. There are no wheat, preservatives, or artificial flavorings in either our biscuits or cakes.

The Burpdog tasting crew puts their stamp of approval on all our products.

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