Small Stuffy Box

Small Stuffy Box

Introducing the newest exclusive product from the Burpdog Biscuit Company located in Louisville, Kentucky: the Small Stuffy Box! This high-quality gift set is the perfect combination of high-quality biscuits and a medium stuffy for your lovable pup. This special box makes an excellent gift for any occasion, whether it's for your own pampered pooch or a special pet in your life! 

Our all-natural biscuits are made with fresh ingredients and never contain any fillers or artificial ingredients. Coupled with the medium stuffy of your choice, your pup will be sure to love it! The high quality of the Small Stuffy Box is unrivaled, so indulge your pup today!

Make your pup's day extra special with the Burpdog Biscuit Company's Small Stuffy Box! Shop now and get your pup a special gift that's sure to bring even more love to the home.


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